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The design process typically involves several key stages that guide the creation of a well-thought-out and cohesive interior space. While specific approaches may vary, here is a general outline of our client’s design process.

1. Discovery Meeting

This initial stage involves understanding the client's needs, preferences, and goals for the space. The project manager conducts interviews, gathers information about the project, and performs research on relevant design trends, materials, and techniques.

2. Concept Development

Building upon the gathered information, the  project manager develops a concept for the space. This includes creating mood boards, sketches, and conceptual designs that convey the overall aesthetic, color schemes, and spatial layout.

3. Space Planning

In this stage, the project manager focuses on the functional aspects of the space. They analyze the available area, consider traffic flow, and develop a space plan that optimizes the layout, ensuring efficient use of space and addressing specific requirements.

4. Material Selection

Based on the concept and space plan, the project manager presents appropriate materials, finishes, and furnishing that align with the desired style and functionality. They consider factors such as durability, aesthetics, and sustainability.

5. Detailed Design Development

Here, the project manager delves into the finer details of the project. They create detailed drawings, renderings, or digital models to visualize the design elements in context. This helps the client better understand the proposed design and provides a roadmap for implementation.

6. Documentation and Specification

The project manager prepares comprehensive documentation, including construction drawings, material specifications, and schedules. These documents serve as guidelines for contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders involved in the project.

7. Collaboration and Coordination

Throughout the process, the project manager collaborates with various professionals, such as architects, contractors, and craftsmen, to ensure seamless execution of the design vision. Regular communication and coordination help address any challenges and maintain design integrity.

8. Implementation and Installation

Once all necessary preparations are complete, the design moves into the execution phase. Contractors and suppliers bring the design to life, following the specifications and guidance provided by the project manager. This includes construction, installation of fixtures, and placement of furniture and accessories.

9. Project Completion

In the final stages, the designer focuses on styling the space, adding finishing touches, and refining the overall aesthetic. This involves selecting and arranging decor items, lighting fixtures, and textiles to enhance the atmosphere and create a cohesive visual narrative.

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